For us, environmental protection is a matter very close to our hearts. We take care of it holistically, assuming this responsibility for you. Therefore, it is important for us to act and develop the best shoes for you and your children.
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+ VIOS stands for high-quality, environmentally friendly materials and renewable raw materials from Europe. That ensures high quality standards. Our sustainable shoes consist of environmentally friendly materials: natural textiles and leather tanned from renewable raw materials.


We want you to entrust us with your feet - that is why we create transparency. Transparency is paramount for us. Raw materials from certified sources provide reliability and security along the entire value-adding chain. We attach great significance to the entire collection being produced in Europe and fair working conditions being ensured. Many of our producers operate locally and have developed our products together with us in long-standing partnerships. Sustainable origin of the main components without foregoing the Legero® fit.
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  • High-quality, natural materials
  • Environmentally friendly and renewable raw materials from Europe
  • Plant-based tanned, heavy metal-free leather
  • Modern design and proven quality



What is sustainable on the shoe?

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1. The uppers

Plant-based tanned uppers
Plant-based materials consisting of renewable tanning substances (chestnut) are used for tanning our leather. Close collaboration and development of the leather with partners who meet our stringent requirements regarding pollutant content and production conditions. Plant-based tanned leathers are very gentle on the skin, uncoated lather moreover highly breathable.
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2. The lining leather

Plant-based lining leather
No additional colour is given to the leather, the colour of the lining leather comes solely from the tanning process (mimosa from acacia tree bark extract). We assume the responsibility that our leathers are produced in accordance with the highest quality standards. The animals for the leather skins originate from certified European sources.
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3. The Tencel shoelaces

  • Natural fibre, which is extracted from wood and therefore biodegradable
  • Raw materials from certified sources
  • Especially sustainable and ecologically produced
  • Regulate moisture, skin-friendly, hygienic
  • Without chemical additives
  • Globally patented

Care instructions

Quality features of natural leather such as individual colour differences or slight creases polish up the leather’s individuality. Should the leather ever become dirty or wet, clean it with a damp cloth and let the shoe dry at room temperature. We fully relinquish synthetic coatings.

For further information please visit our VIOS website www.vios.at