The Legero Way

Timeline of the Legero Way

2011 Foundation of the diversity department that ensures equal opportunity, diversity and tolerance in the company

2012 Foundation of the innovation platform VIOS, for research and development of sustainable and industrially manufactured shoes.

2013 Foundation of the sustainability department under the direction of Stefanie Lin, daughter of the majority owner

2014 The first VIOS children’s shoe is available in the company shop in Graz.

2015 VIOS wins the TRIGORS regional prize for the best „CSR Newcomer” for developing “biodegradable TENCEL® shoelaces“.

2015 VIOS becomes the fourth brand of Legero “The Footwear Company”

Our Mission

Our „Legero Way“ was developed out of the passion to make the best shoes. The Legero Way is based on three strong pillars:

1. Legero’s responsibility in the very long-term sustainability orientation.

2. The deeply rooted wish to make the best shoes. We try to take away all the doubt and concern from our customers regarding our products.

3. And we keep paving the way. In this process of responsibility we challenge ourselves with common learning and constant development.

Legero takes the responsibility for its products. In this way Legero ensures a long-term economic success, as well as uniqueness and independence of its brands and products.

For creating a high quality of life and protecting our environment


In harmony with people and nature

VIOS is engaged in the development and production of biodegradable shoes in shoe manufacturing

VIOS shoes stand for responsibility. With the goal to show the environment respect and encourage the wellbeing of our society and the next generations.
They captivate with their beauty and uniqueness by carrying with them the added value of nature. To take away all concerns.

The sustainable value of VIOS should in the long run flow into all our brands, which will completely incorporate the VIOS philosophy step by step.

Member of IVN (International Association of Natural Textile Industry) since 2014

Code of Conduct

Legero owns two production sites in Hungary and Romania, as well as has long-standing partner production sites in India, Vietnam, Spain, Indonesia, Hungary and Bosnia.

All our production sites in Europe and Far East have underwent a voluntary quality control of our Code of Conduct, which is based on ISO norms.

This control entails among others fair working conditions, changing rooms, sanitary facilities, regulated working hours, holiday and pay, as well as an uncompromising waver of child labour.

Our Legero technicians are on site not only at our own production sites, but also at our partners’, performing constant control to ensure the best quality and working safety.

Our production sites

  • Romania
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Hungary
  • Bosnia

Legero Shoes Romania
Legero Shoes Romania

Our memberships

2013 CADS - Cooperation at Deutsches Schuhinstitut (Deutschland)
2013 respAct – Austrian Business Council for sustainable development. (Österreich)
2015 ACIB – Austrian center of industrial biotechnology und Partner der IFA Tulln (Österreich)

Our sponsorships

For more than 10 years Legero the Footwear Company has been a partner of the SOS children’s village. Currently we sponsor 18 children in 8 countries:

  • Austria
  • Vietnam
  • India
  • Belarus
  • Nepal
  • Uganda
  • Ethiopia
  • Sri Lanka

Our Sponsoring

To every age its art. To art its freedom.
Platform for contemporary art.

As a private initiative, our aim is not only to sustain, but also to boost the diversity and high quality of contemporary art production in the long term. Our partners: steirische.herbst, mumok Vienna, PIN Munich, Vienna Secession, La Biennale di Venezia, Grazer Kunstverein, Diagonale Graz, Joanneum Graz, Impulse Festival Graz, La Strada Graz, Elevate Festival Graz, Jüdisches Museum Wien, Kölnischer Kunstverein.

2013 Maecenas Award Styria „long-term Sponsoringmanagment“/br> 2013 Meacenas Award Austria „long-term Sponsoringmanagment“

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